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Payment must be made 48 hours prior to scheduled reading (this serves as a deposit to reserve your spot on the calendar; therefore, your payment is non-refundable, but your session can be rescheduled up to one time). Note: for virtual, pre-recorded readings, the only reason scheduling a date is necessary is to assure that I am available for the reading, as well as to make sure you are comfortable and able to make your payment 48 hours prior to our agreed upon date.

Each spread, except for the INTO-itive and A Year Ahead spreads, comes with a clarity card for each card pulled. Any additional clarity cards needed is a separate reading for $30 for up to 25 minutes and can be made payable to $MarshaMellow88 on CashApp or @MarshaMellow88 on Venmo. You can select up to 4 cards to receive clarity on. 

$10 for every additional 15 minutes. This can be paid to CashApp at $MarshaMellow88 or Venmo at @MarshaMellow88.

You will receive your reading via email within 24-48 hours after your "appointment."


Readings are intended to be support, guidance, and clarity for your questions/concerns/curiosities and may not resonate 100%. The clarity may not come immediately, but remain open to allowing the insight that is provided in the reading. It may pertain to you personally, or if someone close to you is heavy in your energetic field, it may reference them, as well.

Please always tune in, pray and meditate on additional confirmation before acting on any suggestion from the cards. Go with your spirit.

Mellow Neptune Waters is not responsible for any decisions the client makes before, during or after the reading has taken place.

Out of the integrity of Mellow Neptune Waters, if there is mention of hurt, harm or the endangerment of others or oneself, I will need to report it to a medical and/or assistance facility.


1. Identify which Reading Style you'd like*
2. Identify your Tarot Flavor of choice*

3. Select "Book Now" next to your Tarot Service of choice (below)





Freestyle General Readings: allowing Spirit to speak freely without you sending any specific questions. This is the same as a general reading when I pull cards not based on any particular topic. Something about career or living situations may come up within the reading, but Freestyle/General Readings allow for a breadth of information to come up.


Questions. Send me your questions that you'd like clarity on and I will pull cards to see what information wants to come out.


We can combine Freestyle + Questions. Once you have selected which spread you'd like (the amount of cards you want pulled), then send your questions and then the leftover amount of cards will be Freestyled.




Love Readings. Love! We all love love. The Love Reading may address past, present and/or future relationship dynamics, including the love relationship you have with yourself.


Custom Tarot Spreads. I can either create a custom spread based on a theme you are needing insight on or we can use a pre-made spread based on a theme you are needing insight on.


Career Readings. We will focus on your passions and the path you'd like to travel down, career + purpose-wise.

*=There will be a place to type this information in when you book

Tarot Services

  • 3 Card Spread or 3 Questions/Inquiries w/ 1 clarity card per card

    30 min

    65 US dollars
  • 6 Card Spread or 6 Questions/Inquiries w/ 1 clarity card per card

    1 hr

    95 US dollars
  • 9 Card Spread or 9 Questions/Inquiries w/ 1 clarity card per card

    1 hr 30 min

    115 US dollars
  • 12 Card Spread or 12 Questions/Inquiries w/ 1 clarity card per card

    1 hr 45 min

    150 US dollars
  • 12 cards, 1 crd pulled for ea. mo. of the yr; 1 clarity card inc; no ?

    1 hr 35 min

    145 US dollars
  • This will be a FREESTYLE session. No questions need to be sent here.

    1 hr

    160 US dollars
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