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While we are in the pandemic, I will solely be hosting virtual, pre-recorded readings, postponing in-person sessions (which conveniently allows for easy scheduling coordination). You will receive access to a private video (within 24-48 hours) that you can go back and reference anytime you'd like.
Up to 30 minute session

3 Cards are pulled based on either 3 questions/inquiries you send, a free-flow of Spirit to speak, or a combination of both (see Reading Styles below)

Comes w/ 1 *clarity card* per card

9 CARD SPREAD | $115
Up to 1 hr + 30 minute session

9 Cards are pulled based on either 9 questions/inquiries you send, a free-flow of Spirit to speak, or a combination of both (see Reading Styles below)

Comes w/ 1 *clarity card* per card

Up to 1 hr + 35 minute session

Wanting some guidance on what's to come for the next 12 months? I will pull a card for each month of the year, beginning the "start of year" as the month after you book your reading. For example, if you book your reading in September 2021, I will consider October 2021 as the first month I pull a card for and September 2022 as the twelfth month I pull a card for. No questions are sent for this service. This service is Freestyle, but you may select a Tarot Flavor. (Select "Like Buttuh" as your Tarot Flavor if you just want a general 12 month card pull.)

Comes w/ 1 *clarity card* per card

Up to 1 hour session

6 Cards are pulled based on either 6 questions/inquiries you send, a free-flow of Spirit to speak, or a combination of both (see Reading Styles below)

Comes w/ 1 *clarity card* per card

12 CARD SPREAD | $150
Up to 1 hr + 45 minute session

12 Cards are pulled based on either 12 questions/inquiries you send, a free-flow of Spirit to speak, or a combination of both (see Reading Styles below)

Comes w/ 1 *clarity card* per card

INTO-itive | $160
Up to 1 hour session

If you find that you need more than 12 cards pulled and just want a free-flow reading with how ever many cards want to speak, including an intuitive download (when Spirit shares information outside of the cards), I offer an "INTO-itive" option that starts at $160. Unlimited amount of cards pulled. No clarity cards are pulled (unless you request this service; each clarity reading is $30 for up to 25 minutes).

*A clarity card is a card that is pulled to provide clarity on a specific card or subject matter.*


Flower Arrangement 4

Freestyle General Readings: allowing Spirit to speak freely without you sending any specific questions. This is the same as a general reading when I pull cards not based on any particular topic. Something about career or living situations may come up within the reading, but Freestyle/General Readings allow for a breadth of information to come up.

Questions. Send me your questions that you'd like clarity on and I will pull cards to see what information wants to come out.


We can combine Freestyle + Quest. Once you have selected which spread you'd like, send your questions and then the leftover amount of cards will be Freestyled.


Golden Crystals

Love Readings. Love! We all love love. The Love Reading may address past, present and/or future relationship dynamics, including the love relationship you have with yourself. It may also address sensuality and sexuality, using a very specific tarot/oracle deck. (If you are not ready to dive into the sensual/sexual deets, let me know.)


Career Readings. We will focus on your passions and the path you'd like to travel down, career + purpose-wise.


Custom Tarot Spreads. I can either create a custom spread based on a theme you are needing insight on or we can use a pre-made spread based on a theme you are needing insight on.


What's It About?

Need a safe space to share your spiritual interactions, thoughts, visions, and encounters? 

Mellow Neptune Waters is available to listen to your curiosities, concerns, and for you to share the cosmic events that occur around you when others just might not get it, sort of like an intuitive buddy.

My Experience

Many have reached out to me with questions and just simply wanting to have conversation about their dreams, encounters with spirits, their energy fields, synchronicities/"coincidences" (i.e. seeing the same license plate numbers in two different states), astrology, numerology, ancestors/other spiritual realms, healing work, etc. When they've reached out to me, they have mentioned that there aren't many people who would understand what they're experiencing and there are few people with whom they can comfortably share these sometimes uncomfortable and peculiar encounters with; very few people "get it" and they are left feeling awkward or crazy. In conversation with them, I remind them that their spiritual gifts may not be understood by everyone, they aren't meant to be, and that it's okay. I encourage them to continue on their path to expanded awareness and to trust that their intuitive inclinations are valid and amazing


I am not a licensed practitioner, nor do I have the answers to everything. What I am is an intuitive woman who has had experiences with ghosts since I was 3 years old; who communicates with/sees and channels spirits; experiences synchronicities, like having a thought and then "randomly" hearing someone in a movie share those exact same sentiments; performing exorcisms; healing others and myself through touch; encountering spirit animals; speaking and interpreting spiritual tongues; thorough experience within and without the institution of the church; helping to provide clarity of emotions and situations through natal charts, numerology, and symbolism (i.e. seeing a crane at certain times); the ability to see the light in others and help educe their essence; performing affirmations for empowerment, clarity and optimism; shadow work; discerning energies that are balanced and imbalanced; manifestation work; strong gifts in clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairalience, and clairgustance; and, of course, a gift and psychic ability through tarot, oracle and pendulum work.

How Does This Work?

Depending on how Spirit decides to flow during our phone calls/video chats together, our conversations may consist of several forms of divination and other substantive resources, such as the following:


  • Tarot readings/card pulls

  • Mediumship 

  • Intuitive downloads

  • Energy reading

  • Deep breathing and stillness exercises

  • Playing music, singing bowls and rain sticks

  • Resources, such as book suggestions, websites, videos, access to other intuitives; scriptures; prayers; herbs; oils; incense; candles; tarot; oracle and inspirational decks; affirmations

  • Meditations

  • Setting intentions

  • Creative projects/activities that will educe your spiritual gifts 

  • Custom playlists

Note that no two conversations with two different people will be the same. Every moment is fluid and calls for different resolve and clarity. 

Eagle Sketch



Press play on a personalized affirmation recording (made just for you) every morning, during the day, while you sleep, or at any point of your day when you need reminding of how divine you are.

You and I can have a phone or email convo concerning what types of affirmations would support you during this time and I will record them for you, providing you with a digital, downloadable copy.

You may find yourself needing support with the following:


Revisiting your younger self

Money magnet energy

Releasing/Conquering fear




Fitness goals

Living your life to the fullest

Pursuing your dreams/goals (short term or long term goals)


Romance, attraction, and love overall

Relationships (platonic, familial, professional, yourself, etc.)

Healing (emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental)

Being open to new experiences

Setting the atmosphere with positive energy/good vibrations

A list of your dopest traits (yes, this is a time to acknowledge and appreciate YASELF!)




Yellow Flower

*Disclaimer: By purchasing this option, you agree to and understand that all rights belong to Mellow Neptune Waters and rights and recording may not be transferrable to any other parties without written consent from Mellow Neptune Waters.

None of these services are intended to replace medical or psychological support. Mellow Neptune Waters' services are not intended to be a substitute for therapy, psychiatric support, medical guidance or other licensed services. This is guidance and support for navigating within the spiritual realm as physical beings.


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