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My first reading experience with Marsha was great and very insightful. I walked away feeling inspired and excited about what 2021 has in store. The process was easy and convenient, and the detailed explanations of what the different cards meant were super helpful and easy to follow. Even though we were not in the same room, her presence could be felt, which made the experience even better!

White Parrot

Marsha is so in tune with her gift it’s insane! She overflows with information and gives of it generously. Marsha is a grounded vessel of light. Use her People!


I received an "A Year Ahead" reading from Marsha in January and it could not have been a more beautiful experience. My reading was insightful, deep and most importantly it was personalized. What I loved most was the time she put into aligning herself before sharing the cards. She isn't just doing business, she's sharing a gift and she prepares herself to provide a quality reading versus just pulling cards. She also shared both the positives and potential pitfalls of the pull, providing an education on tarot in addition to a deeply meaningful and thought-provoking reading. I find myself going back to my custom reading as I process and journey through this year's events. I will definitely make Mellow Neptune Waters an annual gift to myself. I am a lifelong fan!

Magic Hand

First let me say that this was entirely new for me. And with that I would say that I had a great first experience with my reading with Marsha! Everything that she said or that came up was only confirmation for me to what God has already told/showed me about myself. So I would say that with my experience Marsha was very much in tuned with the spirit of God and being led in such a way that may have even blown her own mind! It was insightful and uplifting and she is truly blessed with a gift.


I received my first reading with Marsha and it was impressive. I gained new insights as well as great confirmations. I have been receiving spiritual consultations for several years, so I am pretty “seasoned” but this was one of the most thorough and comprehensive readings that I ever received. I enjoyed the fact that she uses a variety of methodologies to get the most detailed information and answers. More importantly it’s coming from a genuine loving and non judgmental space. Marsha seemed really concerned about uncovering the truth necessary for me to gain the answers and deeper insight that I needed. To say that I would highly recommend her is an understatement.

Flower Arrangement 4

The reading I received from Marsha (Lady M) was interesting and phenomenal. We sometimes question if these spirits and gifts from God really exist, well I believe in those gifts and spirits, and Lady M proved to me that she has the gift. By this being a pre-recorded reading, as I looked at the video I felt connected. At one point it was something I had told her and she was getting it backwards like three times so as I started talking to the video, it's like she heard me or better yet felt me and she instantly got it straight. The reading was interesting because things that were coming out were giving me confirmation of some of my feelings and thoughts. It also gave me a different perspective of some views I had. The reading was so on point that I had to hurry up and get my woman a reading as well. I would say that if you ever wanted to have a reading or had questions of the realness of these gifts, trust me when I say Marsha (Lady M's) readings are real and you won't be in any doubt of her gift.

Crescent Moon

When I met Marsha, it was something about her energy that was angelic...This was over a year ago. Talking to her is like meditative therapy. I've received numerous monthly tarot readings from her. Her sessions are pure guidance and always resonates with me. 


It's March 28th, 2021, and I am finally reviewing my first tarot reading with Marsha. I have never opened myself up to Spirit in this way before, but what gave me confidence is Marsha's grounded authenticity. Everyone is not a conduit of healthy spiritual insight, and I find Marsha's openness and guidance pure. My 12-month reading was rich with information, discernment, and places for pause and reflection. I'm so glad it's recorded! 

I found myself taking notes and then giving up and just sitting and listening. I was only able to take in content for the season ahead, but it was worth it. The Winter months, January -March, was full of stuff that I understood because of this reading. As an artist, symbolism thrives in my mind, and I appreciate the decks that Marsha used to communicate intrinsic meanings and connections to the greater whole. My reading confirmed and rooted me for this year, and I am grateful to have opened myself up to this path of divine communication. 


You meet people for a reason. No matter the length of time you encounter them, there is purpose in meeting them. Having my Tarot read by this beautiful soul has definitely given me an understanding that everything happens for a reason. My Tarot was very personalized and I didn't ask any questions. I just let the spirit guide the reading. So much of my reading solidified great things in my life and what I needed to grow on. The spirit realm definitely gave me positive insight to move forward. Ecstatic to have chosen Mellow Neptune Waters and cannot wait to get another reading soon.

Turquoise Crystal Rock
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